Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

What's in your closet? Seriously, what does your wardrobe look like? How do you feel about it as a whole? How do you feel about the clothes individually? How often do you wear every item you own? Do you have a quality, functional wardrobe or one where "I have nothing to wear..." is a daily saying? These are important questions to ask yourself and to honestly answer as you evaluate your wardrobe.

Prioritizing "quality over quantity" definitely should apply to your wardrobe. If you own many pieces that you don't wear, it's time to re-evaluate what's in your closet. If you don't wear what you own, then why is it still in your wardrobe? Try each item on and be honest with yourself. Do you like it? Does it fit and flatter your figure? Any unworn and/or unflattering items just clutter what could be a fabulous boutique-like closet (that is, if it doesn't already look like that, of course).

We want options so we may buy a large quantity of clothing, but how much of it actually fits and flatters? How many of those clothes are actually worn once purchased? It's time to "shop smarter, not harder." Changing it up is important so it's extremely important to shop smart and with a plan. If your wardrobe contains QUALITY pieces that fit and flatter AND mix and match and coordinate, then you will have many more outfit options with fewer items. I'm not saying not to fill your closet. I'm just saying to have more options and less of the "I-Have-Nothing-To-Wear" syndrome, it takes strategy and effort.

Basic wardrobe staples and accents, including trendy items, should be tracked so when shopping you know what's missing from your wardrobe and what will work well in and with your current wardrobe.

Below are some outfit "switch-ups" to illustrate how you can transform an outfit by simply switching up the accent pieces.

Day Look 1
Imagine: Lunch with the Mother-in-Law
Main Staple: Calvin Klein dress  
Accents: NY&Co. earrings, bracelets, belt and bag, Bakers heels, For Love headband
 Evening Look 1
Imagine: Cocktails with coworkers
Main Staple: Calvin Klein dress  
Accents: NY&Co. belt, Express earrings and clutch, Charlotte Russe heels
Day Look 2
Imagine: Shopping about town
Main Staples: Max Studio dress, Forever 21 coverlet
Accents: Jessica Simpson bag, For Love earrings, Target flats
Evening Look 2
Imagine: Dinner with old friends
Main Staples: Max Studio dress, Forever 21 coverlet
Accents: Express clutch, Express earrings, Target heels
For even more of a switch-up here, 
I could have left off the coverlet for day or chosen a black cropped coverlet instead for evening. 
This dress could also look more casual and just as charming with a cute denim jacket. 
Add flats or wedges and voila, perfect fall weather carnival date outfit!
Of course, any switch-up has MANY options if you're creative. :) I just want to drive the point home that quality staples and switching up the accents are important in any functional wardrobe.
It's fun to take pieces and dress them up or down, for whatever the occasion calls. 
Styling outfits, just like applying makeup, is an art form because dressing often relies on your emotions/mood of the day. How do you feel today? Translate that into your outfit and see what happens.
Day Look 3
Imagine: Brunch with girlfriends
Main Staple: Scarlett dress
Accents: Miztique bag, Bakers heels, For Love earrings, Belt (n/a)
Evening Look 3
Imagine: At a winery
Main Staple: Scarlett dress
Accents: Steve Madden booties, Tommy Hilfiger wallet as clutch, For Love earrings
You may have noticed that:
I used the turquoise Bakers peep-toe heels in 2 of the above outfits. I also used the smoke and pewter For Love earrings in 2 of the above outfits. Additionally, I used the black Express clutch and the Express earrings twice in the above outfits. The strategy of choosing outfits early and being able to mix/match and coordinate also makes packing for travel much easier and maybe even fun instead of stressful.

It's not about how many items you have... it's about the quality of each item and your confidence to style each outfit with the pieces that work for you. As always, have fun and have a fabulous day every day!

<3 Catherine

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