Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Pretty with Pink Inspirational Wall Art

I LOVE  inspirational quotes, don't you? I thought this one was perfect for my StyleLife office. What are your favorite quotes? This is an easy and rewarding DIY project that can be done with any quote. Let your mind wander... Take it to the next level and create your own inspirational quotes.

Simply paint any size canvas with paint (acrylic works well), let dry, then add your quote of choice using another color of paint/paint pen. Once dry, add embellishments if desired (like ribbon, flowers, beading, framing, crystals, etc.). Stamping/embossing might work as well.

I used a flat, frameless canvas board, rolled on pink acrylic paint for the background and used a black Sharpie Paint Pen for the writing. My finishing touch was a strategically placed piece of pink ribbon tied into a bow. Simple yet inspiring! :)

Hope you were inspired. :) Have fun creating! I'd love to see photos of your projects also.


  1. Love your blog.
    Can we follow each other?

  2. Thank you so much! I am following you now. :) Such a sweet post about sisters.

  3. I so love your DIY post. I think I waill try this one. Thanx