Monday, July 18, 2011

The StyleLife Invitation

Dear readers, followers and casual on-lookers (Wish I knew your names so this would be more personal.),

I don't know anything about you yet, but I hope to learn as we make this journey together.

My StyleLife Philosophy is about the journey to being the best we can be and being stylish all at once in everything we do.  It's about taking the time to pamper ourselves.  It's about being a good person- being good to others, to ourselves, to animals and to the earth. It's about realizing that we are all beautiful. Ultimately, it's about living the stylish, compassionate, beautiful, honest life. Thus, the term "StyleLife" seems appropriate. I invite you to join me in this journey of living the StyleLife.

Although I have high hopes of changing the world and making a positive impact, I do also realize that I may not reach everyone, and I may even unintentionally offend or annoy a few people along the way. I may often bring up controversial topics and state my opinions very bluntly, which you may or may not agree with. I will always be honest, I will listen to/look at your feedback, and I will try to be positive in all that I share. I hope you can see what I'm doing here is aimed at being a positive, uplifting and inspiring. I am aware that my opinions are strong as I am very passionate. I am open-minded, and I love to bring up topics that many people deem inappropriate for casual conversations, like politics, religion and other topics like the term "plus-size" vs. "straight-size". Since this is a blog, you have the option to close the page or to contribute at any time. I hope you enjoy what should be a very interesting journey.

My goal is to prove that it's beautiful to be stylish, strong, stunning and smart all at once. Never apologize for your beauty or your confidence. And as always, try to give back and make a positive difference. How will you make a difference today? Mission: Confidence and Compassion engaged.

Love the StyleLife Philosopher,

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