Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY Bulletin Board Dress Up

I love pink. Is it obvious yet? If not, it will be VERY soon.

I'd say it's my happy color so I fully intend on showcasing lots of pink in my new office. My amazing husband and I have been working hard on giving the office a very custom feel so that means lots of DIY projects on our part. I am having so much fun setting up the office and creating custom re-purposed pieces, and I have been trying to take photos along the way to share with you.

Because I am a StyleLife Consultant, I wanted StyleLife to be the "theme" of the office. We are incorporating lots of fabric and textures. It's no surprise that this pink tweed spoke to me. I wish I had purchased more of the material because I can see using it for other projects also. I actually purchased the material a few years back so I may be looking for awhile...

Here is our DIY project for dressing up a plain bulletin board:

1. Start with plain bulletin board. (Ours was pretty old, and we love to re-purpose!)
2. Cover with fabulous fabric of choice. Place as centered as possible.
3. Use thumb tacks to pin into place along bulletin board frame.
4. Tuck extra fabric around back (like you're wrapping a gift) and tack/staple in place. 
5. Adorn as desired.

 DIY Bulletin Board Dress Up


  1. Great DIY, I love how the board turned out! :) x

  2. Thank you so much, Rachel! It's fun to create something new from something old. Hopefully, I'll have more projects up soon. :)