Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello & Welcome Beauties

Each one of us is perfectly unique and uniquely perfect. 
Our differences are beautiful. We are beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by my new blog and taking an interest in my very personal endeavor. I truly hope you enjoy what I share. And for the record, I absolutely love (constructive) feedback. I will try to respond as often as possible. So please, bring on the questions, comments and requests.  I look forward to "meeting" and "talking with" you.

I have many blogs that I have been maintaining for years, but this one seems more personal. Here at My StyleLife Philosophy, I will share photos, videos, personal stories, reflections, q&a, features, reviews and diy projects. I will also try to answer as many requests as I can as often as I can for tutorials, reviews and diy projects. Here at My StyleLife Philosophy, I aim to uplift, inspire and make you smile while sharing with you my opinions and experiences and asking about yours.

My Background- in case you're wondering :)
Obviously, I love to talk and write. I also love to help people and make a positive impact. I'm always searching for ways to do just that. My StyleLife Philosophy is one of my attempts at putting positive vibes out into the world.

For the longest time, I have loved style, fashion and beauty. That said, style to me is more than just a great outfit. Style is about a great attitude, confidence and the know-how to work what you have. That's right, work it, girl! :) Beauty is more than just perfect eye liner. Beauty GROWS from within and GLOWS outward. I will post many articles on my outlook of beauty and style, but for introduction sake, I will leave it at that for now.  :)

In addition to blogging, I have been a StyleLife Consultant for years. Did you notice I said "StyleLife consultant," instead of "style consultant" or "stylist," yes? I'd like to think that this terminology has a very important distinction.

"StyleLife" is more than just a play on words. Yes, it is a lifestyle, and it is my philosophy. StyleLife does mean style for life and living stylishly. However, it's more than just the above. My StyleLife Philosophy is about being a good person, being positive in outlook and being stylish and chic in every aspect of life. My StyleLife Philosophy also includes an exploration of human nature, more specifically woman nature in all areas of our lives. (For those of you who may have guessed already- yes, I majored in philosophy.)

Style seems to affect every aspect of our life in this society.  I accept that style is in everything we do. From communicating, to cooking, to parenting, to gardening, to throwing parties and events, to decorating our homes, to what we wear and how we wear it. Style is a way of life.

From these reflections, My StyleLife Philosophy emerged. I hope you'll enjoy the journey as much as I have already. Have a fabulous day every day!

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